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Favourite Books of 2016!

Hello everyone! I know there’s still be time left in the year but I’m reasonably sure I’m not going to read any literary masterpieces between now and December 31st so today I thought I’d share my favourite reads of this year. Overall, I didn’t have a great reading year. Around the middle months of 2016,… Continue reading Favourite Books of 2016!

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Book Review – Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

Hello everyone! I was going to start writing this review as soon as I finished this book last night…but I was half delirious from pure awe (and fatigue) and I’m sure my review would have been horribly incoherent and unstructured. So I waited until the next morning to start my word vomit but I am… Continue reading Book Review – Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

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Book Haul – A Gradual Collection

Hello again everyone! It’s no mystery that I’ve been away from blogging for a very long time, and for that I’m very sorry, but just becauseĀ I took a hiatus and was very rarely reading…doesn’t mean I stopped buying books. HAHA NO WAY! But because of my absence I haven’t been able to share my purchases… Continue reading Book Haul – A Gradual Collection

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Book Review – Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hello everyone! Yes, I have read this book twice in the one year. I don’t think this has ever happened to me but hey, there’s a first time for everything! I didn’t get a chance to share my thoughts on this book the first time I read it so I wanted to tell you guys… Continue reading Book Review – Hopeless by Colleen Hoover