A 2016 Recap – Liam’s Library

Hello all!

Like many others, I was counting down the days until 2016 was over. This has been a hectic year to say the least. A year filled with personal tragedy, anxiety, busyness to the extreme and even no internet for 6 weeks ;).

However, we can’t focus on all the bad things. Along with a post on Facebook outlining some of the great things that happened in 2016, I also had my best results in school to date, I overcame some situations which give me large amounts of stress, I even went to France! So we must take the good with the bad.

I’m here today to give a summary of all things reading and blogging for this year (which may or may not have been a huge flop). My blog grew despite my absence for many months so always, thanks to the moon and back for being a part of the Library!


This year I only managed a miserable 27 books down dramatically from my 70 books from 2015. I guess I just didn’t prioritise reading this year as much which is very sad.

Interestingly though, I read a total of 12,103 pages which is over half of the 22,737 I read last year. So I was just reading longer books in 2016! The average book length was 454 pages compared to 330 pages in 2015.

The shortest book I read with 273 pages was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and the longest book I read was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon with 864 pages 

My average bookish rating was 4 stars which is surprisingly high!


In 2016, I posted a grand total of 39 times. I’m actually laughing at myself because of how bad that is. I’m sorry I left you guys this year!!

Now, I don’t like getting too much into statistics and whatnot because those don’t so much matter to me and I don’t want to come across as anything I’m not but I will mention a few interesting little tidbits.

My top 5 most popular posts (I’m just happy I have five posts to share at all) of this year in order (apart from my home page, archive, and about page) were:

The most blog views came from the lovely people of the United States.

The most popular blog viewing day was Saturday.

200 new people joined the Library this year so to all my followers both new and old, thankyouthankyouthankyou. I love you all so much, you are all ICONIC ❤

Blog growth is always something that brings me so much joy to look back on. I hope that next year I can continue to expand my friendships and interactions. It wouldn’t hurt to be active a bit more either!


Yeah…I failed all of these!! Whoop whoop! Literally there’s not a single goal that I even remotely came close to completing.



  • I didn’t read 60 books
  • I didn’t participate in more read-a-thons
  • I didn’t read a hell of a lot more broadly, that one’s up for interpretation

In terms of blogging;

  • I was not more consistent with my posting…at all!
  • I didn’t review more books
  • I started being more creative but then I went on massive impromptu hiatus so that kind of stopped

Well, I think I’ve learned my lesson. Set more realistic goals. That post to come shortly 🙂

So that was a rewind of all things Liam’s Library and reading for 2015. I would love to know how your year was so let me know your highlights. What did you accomplish in 2015?

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


Twitter: @liamslibrary83      Goodreads: Liamo’d       Instagram: @liamslibrary


9 thoughts on “A 2016 Recap – Liam’s Library

    1. Haha oh well, some people don’t read any books in a year so we are doing alright! I agree though, my 2017 goals will be cautious at best. Best wishes for the year to come, I hope you read some great books!


  1. I’m going to write now my 2016 recap and I’ll see how I did!
    Though it might have not been a great year for you I’m happy to know there were some good times. I really hope 2017 is a better year for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi back at you, Charley! How are you going? It’s so good to hear from you again after being away for so long! What’ve you been up to? Congratulations on reaching 700 followers by the way!! That’s a huge milestone and I’m so happy for you 😀


      1. Liam! How are you? My blogging life hasn’t quite been the same without you. Happy new year!! How are you? Congratulations on your results by the way. Well deserved! I’m fine thanks. Feeling pretty tired. I couldn’t sleep last night so work was interesting today! How’s everything with you?


      2. I’m very well, thank you! At the moment I’m on summer holidays but unfortunately doing lots of homework before going back in February for my last year of school. Trying to break it up by going out and reading and I’ll be soon going away for a time so that should be relaxing. How are you going? Aw, mine hasn’t been the same without you either. I thought about our chats when I was on my little hiatus. Happy new year to you too! How’s work going? And all the boys?


      3. I can’t believe you’re on summer holiday! It’s still cold in England! But it’s getting better.
        I can’t believe you’ll be starting your last year at school! Good luck! Let me know if I can help, not that you’ll need it!
        Yeah I’m really well thanks. Just very busy but on half term this week which I’m so great full for. Work is crazy but the boys are good. Exam pressure really is getting to them a bit but they’ll be fine!
        Enjoy the last of your holiday!


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