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Book Review – Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

Hello everyone!

I was going to start writing this review as soon as I finished this book last night…but I was half delirious from pure awe (and fatigue) and I’m sure my review would have been horribly incoherent and unstructured. So I waited until the next morning to start my word vomit but I am still no less excited or blown away by this book then I was yesterday, so please excuse any ridiculous fangirling that may arise!

Author: Sarah J. Maas 28260587

Genre: Young adult (hmm…maybe?) fantasy

Hardcover: 689 pages

Published: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 24 Aug. 2016

Series:  Throne of Glass Book #5

Review: Nameless is my price for an amazing last book, pleasethankyou

OMGOMGOMG!! Sarah J Maas is a writing god! She has transformed this series in the best possible way from the story of an immature girl assassin to a badass, cunning queen who is wise beyond her years…and I couldn’t be more excited and happy with the direction!

I was saying to my friend as soon as I finished it that I think there are two types of people who read Throne of Glass, those who really started disliking the series after Queen of Shadows and those who fell head over heels for the series. I am definitely one of the latter.

I can understand fully why people might be frustrated or disheartened by the shift in this series as of the last two books but I guess I just like to take things as the author throws them at me and just…go with it.

The strongest part of this series is by far the cast of AMAZING characters that Sarah has created. A few people have been saying that Aelin has become their least favourite character but she still remains one of my favourites. In particular, I love her growth in intelligence and planning skills that still shock me every time she reveals her hand, often hidden in complete secrecy from the characters and audience alike! (We have Sarah’s great writing to thank for this!) Also, her relationship development in this book was so swoon worthy! #Rowaelin for life 🙂

But the aspect that I liked best about this book was how much the secondary characters stood out. In Heir of Fire I really didn’t like Manon and found her chapters a bit of a chore to read. Three books later and her chapters were the most gripping and I couldn’t wait to be inside her point of view again whenever it shifted. She’s so damn fierce, I’m so obsessed with her it’s not even funny.

Similarly, I came to love Elide and her ability to lie, deceive and manipulate others to get what she needs (goals though, right?). Her strength to persist has developed immensely and her loyalty also became fearlessly steadfast.

I could go on forever about my favourite characters (I mean can we talk about how much Lysandra kicked butt in this book??!!) but I did want to add that I felt Dorian wasn’t quite the same character as he has been in the rest of the books. However, I could believably put that down to the events of Queen of Shadows and him trying to piece together his role in the brewing war. Still, I felt myself missing his regular presence when with the gang.

As for the absence of one the previously major characters…this may be coming from a biased standpoint but, thank god! I can’t stand him/her!

I could feel the tonal shift in this book quite strongly. Not only is there an increase in sexual content and swearing but the actual story has changed, almost beyond recognition. No longer is this series about a simple assassin trying to win a contest and survive…it’s about war and kingdoms and the entire world! I think every book is improving on itself and the way that Maas has completely changed the very foundation of this series has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The plot in Empire of Storms was a little slower than previous books and I really liked the simple way readers are getting a large grasp of the world and its history through the plot. Instead of a classic beginning, middle, climax, end, I felt that this book had many different, smaller climaxes to keep up the stakes and excitement. We travel a lot more of the world in this instalment and meet many different people, I loved this aspect.

Maas’ writing remains fantastic. Her ability to weave seemingly disconnected storylines and then bring them all together flawlessly never fails to astound me and leave me an emotional mess. Plus her subtle dropping of hints in early parts of the book that come back to play a major role towards the end of the story is kind of insane! And yeah there was a lot of sex (though not as much as some people made it out to be) and ‘territorial Fae nonsense’…but I couldn’t help but be complete trash for it! #NoShame. Maas also weaved a few more answers into this book which I reealllyy appreciated because I had no clue what the f*** was happening with all this portal/Wyrd/Lock business beforehand. There are still a few more pieces of the puzzle to be included so I’m looking forward to seeing how this series is going to wrap up.

I am going to bawl like a baby when this series is over. I’ve really fallen in love with everything about it and I’m not ready for one of my favourites to end just yet. I need all my favourite ships to sail and get their happy endings!

I must be one of the only people who still prefers her Throne of Glass series to the ACOTAR series. Which leads me to say, if there was one negative thing I had to say about this book it would be that there are some similarities between things that happen in this book and in A Court of Mist and Fury (also Harry Potter, I noticed…I mean, come on! A two-way mirror?) especially towards the end. I didn’t think it negatively affected my reading experience at all and I can understand that Maas must be under enormous pressure to push out two massive books in one year…but I saw the similarities and hope the two additions to both her series next year aren’t too much the same or else I might be a bit disappointed.

So yeah, this book was phenomenal and you should read it RIGHT AWAY if you haven’t! Don’t wait because you’re scared like me. There was no way any book could live up to Queen of Shadows for me and yet…here we are.

I gave this book 6/5 stars because 5/5 is too little to convey my feelings about this book.

If any of you have read this book, let me know what you thought. Do you agree with me or not? Or have I convinced any of you to give this book/series a go? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


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2 thoughts on “Book Review – Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

  1. I started the Throne of Glass series and read the first two books then I took a break. I wasn’t feeling it much so I decided that I’ll take it up again some time later if I feel like it. Then Empire of Storms was about to come out and there was so much hype on my timeline that I decided to give it another go. I read Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows in 3 days and absolutely fell in love with the series. I am so grateful that I picked it up again. Love your review and I agree with it wholeheartedly. How can you not be trash for territorial Fae nonsense lol. Oh and also #Rowaelin for life YASS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw those are the book stories I love hearing! How excited are you for the last book? I think I’m literally going to die from it. I’m so not ready for the end yet! And OMG I’m complete trash for all the couples now, it’s so sad. Manorian, Rowaelin, Elorcan…I’ll stop now haha 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment ❤


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