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My Bookish Buzz Words

Hi everyone!

I’ve missed the blogosphere so much these past few weeks!! Exams killed me this time around and I haven’t had a second to spare to talk with you guys. It’s been lonely without all you bookish folk. But now that they’re finally finished I wanted to find some time today to blog something. I hope I’m not too rusty.

I’ve barely been reading these past few months and I shamefully had to lower my Goodreads goal by ten books. Clearly, I think I need to get excited about books again.

So today, I’m going to talk about my biggest bookish buzz words that make me immediately desperate to read a book and maybe you guys could recommend some books that have these elements in them so I can reinstate my sense of bookishness?

Let the countdown begin!

5. Magical World


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a world that us mere mortals don’t know about and could never fully comprehend? There are endless possibilities and as a reader, your imagination can literally run wild. I love fantasy books as a general rule but magic is a whole new story.

4. Finding Yourself  finding self

Ahh, self-discovery stories are always the most heart-warming and satisfying. People coming to grips with their identity or discovering some new passion they had within themselves is a constant source of inspiration and comfort. I’m sold.


3. Assassination/Murder Attempt (Often gone wrong)

knifeBloodyThese books are literal crack. You’re flipping pages like there’s no tomorrow because you just have to KNOW! Good examples include The Wrath and the Dawn and The Book of Ivy. Oftentimes, they result in the main character falling in love with the person they’re meant to kill and it’s always damnably swoony.

2. Secrets/Manipulation/Society/Gossip  bridal party

I’m an absolute sucker for these types of books. Probably because the relationships between all the characters has to be so intricate and well thought out and dynamics can ebb and flow to no end. These types always keep you guessing and they rely so heavily on interpretation so they can get frustrating easily but they’re so good.

1. Abilities/Mutations/Gifts

fire in hand

I think this one takes the cake. A lot of my favourite books involve humans who are born with or develop supernatural gifts. Shatter Me and Red Queen are good examples of this. They’re the source of endless fantasy for me, imagining what I would do in the character’s situation with his/her abilities. Plus the characters are usually super bad-ass and become so strong. I adore it.

So those are the words that get me fangirling for books. The stories I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.

What are your buzz words? Do you have any recommendations based on my favourite buzz words? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


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28 thoughts on “My Bookish Buzz Words

  1. Great post, I love this idea! I don’t read a lot of fantasy so I’m not sure if anything I can recommend would be for you. I’m currently reading More Than This by Patrick Ness. It’s very unique and has an otherworldly element to it. Check it out if you haven’t already read it 🙂

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  2. Assassinations often draw me in too! But for me, the magical world tops the list! I love being taken to a different world outside our own. 🙂

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    1. What is it about people trying to kill other people haha?! Yes magical worlds are so amazing! Harry Potter will forever be my favourite but the feeling of being a part of the worlds is unbeatable. Thanks Aria!

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  3. Ohh I love stories about finding yourself as well, those are so, so good! ❤ It's weird because I have NO book coming to mind right now, except for Sanctuary Bay (can not stop praising that book, it's mysterious, it's chilling, and it is SO good). I'm so glaad to see you back, missed you around here! I hope all of your exams went well! 🙂

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    1. Ooh I’ll have to check out Sanctuary Bay, it sounds like something a little different from your summery contemporary ‘finding yourself’ story. Thanks for the recommendation Marie! I’m very happy to be ‘back’, I hope I can make it last haha! No results back yet, but the feelings are generally positive so that’s good. Thanks for thinking of me ❤

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      1. You’re welcome! I feel like no one has read this book besides me, haha. It was quite different, a bit crazy, and definitely one book that got me hooked from the first page 🙂
        Of course, I hope everything will go smoothly, but if you have a positive feeling about all of it, there’s no reason it won’t be great 😀


  4. Welcome back(-ish?), Liam! Hope you did well on your exams. And, haha, most of my buzzwords are like yours. I’m a goner for anything fantasy or paranormal related (magic, vampires, angels, etc); I like them all! 😀 Also, don’t worry about changing your Goodreads goal, because I’ve done that before (it may have been the 2012 0r 2011, but my goal was 100. I was sort of embarrassed by how drastically I failed so I ended up deleting that Goodreads account. LOL.)

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    1. Thanks Summer! I certainly hope that I’m ‘back’ but who can know with life? The feelings towards my exams are actually quite positive so that’s heartening for me. I went through the obligatory YA angel/werewolf phase a few years ago but I find myself still drawn to vampire stories for some reason. There’s something about them for sure! Haha that failed goal is out of sight out of mind, I love it! I’m still remaining optimistic as I’m still trailing by four books with the adjusted goal but it’s just important that I keep enjoying reading. 🙂


  5. I´m happy to see you back!! Definitely 1,2,3 are good ones for me too! Mafia is other that has me and there might be more but my brain can´t think of any right now :´D

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    1. Thanks Aldii! It’s great to be back. 🙂
      We must have similar taste in books then haha! I can’t say I’ve read many mafia books though they do sound interesting. I’m a bit of a wimp though and can’t handle too much violence. Maybe I’ll check the genre out anyway!

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    1. Yeah I guess that’s part of the reason why I put it number five on the list. I’ve definitely had some bad experiences with magical worlds that have made me more wary (plus they can become a bit all-the-same), bit of a shame. Execution is key for me too!


    1. Omg me too! X-Men and superheroes like that were my thing! I’m kind of still obsessed with them… Ooh I don’t mind me a dark fairy tale either, the spins and twists are always so entertaining! 🙂


  6. I always wonder if I should be worried by the fact that I’m usually drawn to anything involving assassinations/murder plots and their failures. It’s so morbid but makes for a great story…well most of the time haha.
    I hope your exams went well and I definitely don’t blame you for lowering your goodreads target, especially when things have been so chaotic. 😀

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    1. Aw thanks for thinking of me Lois! My exams went pretty well so I’m feeling positive. Even with the adjusted Goodreads goal I still have four books to catch up on so that will be a bit of a challenge. Haha yes, it is a little concerning especially how we forgive main characters so easily if they do kill someone. It’s too good to resist though!! 😀

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