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Causes of Book Hangovers

Hi everyone!

So, we all know about book hangovers. When you’re so invested in a book that you forget about your life and then something happens and you’re lost. Yeah..I know you guys feel me on this.

But what are the causes of a book hangover? I’ve experienced quite a few over my time so I thought I’d discuss today the many reasons why they occur. Hopefully you can relate (please, or else this is about to get embarrassing for me).

Cause #1: ‘Favourite Series Just Ended’ Hangover

-So you’re reading Harry Potter for the first time and you’ve reached the Deathly Hallows. It’s been a journey. You’ve experienced all the ups and downs of the characters and now they’re your babies. You race through it…and then you’ve finished. What do you do with your life any more?


Cause #2: ‘Character Death’ Hangover

-Most commonly found in George R.R. Martin books or the Harry Potter series but any book where your favourite character dies is just torture and it’s totally understandable if you just want to sit down and do nothing but mourn.

ugly cry

Cause 3#: ‘Crazy Cliffhanger’ Hangover

-Usually this occurs when there’s huge hype for a new book on the scene so you pick it up against your better judgment. You’re reading and loving it but you reach the end and the worst cliffhanger in history hits you. You check the release date for the next book…and it’s not even listed!

waiting cliffhanger

Cause #4: ‘What Just Happened?’ Hangover

-One of the worst types of hangovers because this can occur in the middle of a book. Something crazy happens, a twist that you never saw coming in a million years and you literally have to stop reading, close the book and freak out.

what is happening

Cause #5: ‘Real World Sucks’ Hangover

-A fantastical fantasy world, a beautiful trip to outer-space, new planets, new species. It’s all so wonderful. And then you pull your head out of your book and realise you’re sitting at your desk at work or at school or on public transport where amazing fictional world aren’t a reality. Rude.

boring life

Cause #6: ‘Romantic Fictional Crush’ Hangover

-When you come to the realisation that no one will ever compare to the beautifully well-spoken, cutely protective and devilishly handsome fictional guy from your book. Le sigh.

in love gif

Cause #7: ‘Unfinished Storyline’ Hangover

-One of my biggest pet peeves. This is when either a book ends terribly, makes no sense or when you’re convinced that your copy had a coincidental printing mistake from the publishers and forgot the last 30 pages of the book.


Cause #8: ‘Bad Book’ Hangover

-This usually occurs when you force yourself through a book (school books for real) or reach 50% and there’s still no plot in sight and you stop reading but it gives you the biggest slump and no other book appeals. It’s not okay.


Cause #9: ‘Life Ruining’ Hangover

-When everything is just perfection and you can’t deal any more. Saved for only the best of the best books. You’re a broken mess either sobbing, shouting or fangirling into your book.


Oh man, the realness is everywhere. Book hangovers can actually be pretty great.

If you can relate to one of these or have a book that brought about these feelings, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experiences. Also, tell me if you think I forgot a hangover cause, I’m open to more!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


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21 thoughts on “Causes of Book Hangovers

  1. Oooh to be honest, I am very confused with the concept of book hangovers. This explained the lot!

    I have definitely experienced most of these, because after DNF-ing Mockingjay, I entered this huge slump until college. I found e-books then. Haha. Love this post to bits 🙂


  2. This post is so good. I really mean it. From the title of the hangovers to the absolutely hilarious (specially the Robert Pattinson one!) gifs! Great post all in all and it made me realise I’m on #4 now!


  3. I think the worst hangover I had this year was A Gathering of Shadows and I like to refer to it as my “book coma.” That ending was just so cruel and painful and the entire book kept punching me in the feels I just couldn’t even think about picking up another book and when I did I was underwhelmed. I think the worst hangover is when you’re slowly feeling like you can move on to the next book but you literally have no idea what to go for.


    1. Ahh I can’t wait to read A Darker Shade of Magic. I’ve been wanting to for ages. That’s great to hear that it had such an impact on you. And yes, those types of books give you the ‘life ruining’ hangover so hard. Ugh I hate when I can’t find the right book to read. I end up just staring at my bookshelf willing for something to jump out at me.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I definitely experienced both #7 with Blood of Olympus! Like what even was that ending. Also #9 was me after Eleanor & Park, I didn’t even know what to do with myself anymore…


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