Update + Holiday TBR

Hi everyone!

This is just going to be a short little post letting you know what’s going on at the moment for me. God, that makes it sound serious. Don’t worry, I’m just going on holiday!

Yep, the summer holidays are almost over and every year my family and some family friends spend the last little bit of it relaxing and being by the water. Luckily there’s plenty of time for reading as well as swimming and tennis, all the things I love. This will be for 10 days.

Naturally, this means that I won’t be active in the blogosphere at all really. I will have some scheduled posts coming out during that time but just know, if you comment or try to reach me on social media and I don’t comment back for a few days, I don’t hate you and I’m not ignoring you and being rude. But please, feel free to comment and do all the usual things! I can’t wait to get back and see what you’ve all been up to.

I hope that’s all okay with you guys?

But of course, holidays are great for book lovers. It means so much time to read, which is exactly what I plan on doing. Today, I’m giving you all a little TBR. A basic plan, not set in stone. Just whatever I feel like at the time. But because it’s summer the books might be suited to that type of time and setting. So here are the books I was thinking of reading. If you have any summery book suggestions please let me know. I’d love to hear your favourites!

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

I don’t what it is about this book but it just seems so summery. Of course, I tend to think that about a lot of contemporaries. But this one will be for when  I’m in the mood for a light, cute romance.

The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I think these quick, addictive reads will be perfect for a summer holiday. For the time when I need something sci-fi and out of this world. I think I’ll just try and see how many I can read in this time, I don’t have any specific set number.

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Y’all probably know from my incessant fangirling that I adore this book! I read it in summer last year and I just want to relive all the magic and fall in love with it all over again. I’m so excited!

The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

So this has been my recent guilty pleasure/obsessive series over the past few days. I flew through the first book and am already quite a way through the second in only two days. Again, I’m just going to see how far I can get through this series. This is for the time when I want something more dark (and I’m not gonna lie, these are pretty steamy. More so than I thought…).


So that’s my quick little life update and a holiday TBR. Sorry in advance about my short absence from all you lovelies in the book community. I’ll be back in full swing in 10 days.

In the meantime, let me know what you’re currently reading. Do you have any summer reading recommendations? 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


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13 thoughts on “Update + Holiday TBR

  1. Yay for going on holiday! So weird because I am in the midst of winter where I live… Anyway, hope you have lots of fun, read good books, and eat good food! I have heard of all the books on your TBR, except the last one. I also read Everything, Everything (4.5/5), the first book in Lux (4/5, though I can’t remember it now…) and I’ll Give You the Sun (4.25/5). For summery reads, I usually read contemporary romances. My favorites are Kasie West and Stephanie Perkins! Safe travels :).

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    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment and well wishes!!
      Time zones and season differences can be so annoying sometimes! Thanks for the summery recommendations, the books on my TBR are just thoughts but I’m definitely in need of some favourites from other people for the season. I’ve wanted to read Stephanie Perkins’ books for a long time now, I think I missed the boat when those were a big deal. I might get it on Kindle before I go, thanks!
      Good to hear you enjoyed Everything Everything because that’s the one I’m most looking forward too. The others I’ve either already read or have started the series (you can probably tell that I’m not a big YA contemporary reader haha)
      Thanks again! 🙂

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  2. Yes for rereading I’ll Give You the Sun!! It’s my favourite YA novel of all time! And Everything Everything would be great for a holiday read. It’s really fast-paced and quick to read. I recently read Second Chance Summer and that was a great summer read. And I recommend any of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s books. I’ve given them all 4.5-5 stars and they’re all set during the summer!

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    1. YES, WE CAN BE BESTIES NOW!! It’s sooooo good 🙂 It’s probably my favourite non-fantasy/sci-fi etc young adult book at least.
      Thank you for the recommendations! I’m not the biggest young adult contemporary reader (as you can probably tell from my previous statement) so I need help! I’ve heard good things about Second Chance Summer but apparently you need the tissues handy? I might get those on my Kindle.
      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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  3. Yay holidays! Where exactly are you going? 🙂 I haven’t read any of those books except for Obsidian, but from what I heard they all sound perfect for sunbathing. Have a great trip! 🙂


  4. Gonna love the last bits of summer! If only it would decide if it wanted to be hot or cold and not this up and down shit. I would really like to be wearing summer clothes not winter. *rant over* Have fun on your holiday


  5. I’ll Give You the Sun is a perfect summer read! I read it while on vacation this past summer and really enjoyed it. Brace yourself for ALL OF THE FEELS.
    Have a great time! 🙂


  6. The time (or season?) difference is so crazy! It’s freezing over here; I wouldn’t be surprised if we had snow soon. Anyway, no need to apologize for the hiatus. Hope you have a lot of fun with your family and friends (and the books you plan to read), Liam! As for good summer reads. I recommend The Summer of Chasing Mermaids because it was one of the rare books that got 5 stars from me last year. I also highly recommend Sarah Dessen’s books, especially The Truth About Forever and Just Listen. Again, have a nice time! 😀


  7. Have fun and enjoy your holidays! I already commented on IG my thoughts about your TBR, so I’m just saying it looks great! I’m in holidays too! Until March 1st I’m free of homework and studying and all that school stuff. I just have one exam on February but it’s to have one of the subjects done and I don’t have to get into that class.
    Good luck with your holidays and TBR! 😀


  8. Aww, you’re SO lucky to go on holidays soon, and that it’s sunny, and warm. Here and now I’m freezing, and it’s winter, and I hate it. Can we trade places, please? :p
    I LOVE I’ll give you the sun, it’s such a wonderful, unique book. ❤
    Happy holidays, have an amazing time!!


  9. Have fun on your holiday! ❤ I'm currently reading three books for some reasons. The first is "Changeless" by Gail Carriger, the second "A Clash of Kings" by George R.R. Martin and lastly "Mrs Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf. I always read multiple books at the same time! 😀
    My holidays are coming up rather soon as well (they start in February) and I'm really looking forward to them!


  10. Omg don’t get me started on the Lux series. I binged the whole series while on holidays and it was great! Contemporaries definitely have that summerly vibe! If you’re looking for some I would tell you to go for Kasie West because all of her books are amazing 😀


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