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A 2015 Recap – Liam’s Library

Hi everyone!

2015 has flown by and I find myself struggling to comprehend the fact that a new year is beginning in a couple of days.

Nevertheless, it’s happening, so I’m here today to give summary of all things reading and blogging for this year. This was a big year for the growth of my blog and the increase in my reading and general bookish awareness so thanks for being part of this library!

For the recap, I’ll be breaking it down into categories for sake of ease. Let’s start with reading:


The ever trusty Goodreads will help me break down my 2015 reading.

This year I managed to read 70 books, all in all being 22,737 pages.

The shortest book I read with 80 pages was Oedipus Rex by Sohphocles and the longest book I read was Impulse by Ellen Hopkins with 666 pages (Isn’t that the devil’s number?..creepy).

The average length of books I read this year was 330 pages.

My average bookish rating was 3.8 Stars.

Of the books I read, simply broken down;

20 – romance,

     19 – fantasy,

          10 – mystery/suspense,

                6 – contemporary,

                     6 were classics.

                           5 – dystopian,            

                                 3 – scifi.

Of my 13 favourites;

– fantasy,

         2 – contemporaries

               1 – sci-fi

                    1 – romance

                         1 – classic.

                               1 – dystopian


In 2015 I posted 65 times on my blog. I’m a little disappointed in this but you can’t change what’s happened and I’m really happy with everything that went on with my blog this year.

I won’t get too much into statistics because it’s not about the numbers and they don’t mean too much to me but I will share a few harmless ones that interest me.

My top 5 most popular posts in order (apart from my home page, archive, and about page) were:

The most blog views came from the lovely folk in the United States!

The most popular viewing day was Thursday.

And I reached (as of now) a grand total of 235 followers. So thank you so much to all my followers, you guys mean the world to me! 🙂

It’s really interesting to look back on the growth of my blog this year, I love seeing how far I’ve come. Hopefully I can continue to improve.


You may not know because I’d only just started my blog when I posted this but in 2014 I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve in all things reading and blogging this year.

It’s time to look back and see how I did!

  1. Read six classics: Phew! Just scraped through with this one. I really wanted to broaden my horizons and classics are a novel type I don’t typically reach for. I read exactly six. *fist pump* This was the one I was dreading defeat most for.
  2. Read 70 books this year: Again, just managed to scrape through with this one. I read 70 books. I maybe could have read more especially because as of October, November and December I’ve only read three books but hey, I’m happy!
  3. Read a book by an author I’ve never read before every month: I completed this goal too. I wanted to discover new people and genres and I really think doing this helped.
  4. Participate in three read-a-thons over the year: Sad face. I failed this one. I participated in one and that was the Read Your Bookshelf-A-Thon that is held mainly over on YouTube. Improvements to be made here, they are so fun!
  5. Review 25 books over the course of the year: Hmm this is a case of take it literally or how you see it because I only posted 20 reviews as singular posts but in one post I made mini reviews of six books bringing my total to 26. I say I half-passed.

Overall I’m really happy with how my goals panned out this year. Quite successfully if I say so myself. Stay tuned for my updated goals for 2016.

So that was a rewind of all things Liam’s Library and reading for 2015. I would love to know how your year was so let me know your highlights. What did you accomplish in 2015?

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


12 thoughts on “A 2015 Recap – Liam’s Library

  1. Congrats on the reading goal! I’m surprised that your read lot of romance but not a lot of your favorites are romance. My goal for next year is to catch up on a few series and also read more fantasy, so they tie in together. I like your goal of a new author each month!


    1. Thank you! Me too actually. Romance was very much an experimental genre that I read this year. They can easily (more so than say, a fantasy book) be a miss for me. But quite a few of them were four stars, so almost favourites! Yes I think series catch-ups are going to be a goal of mine for next year too. Reading a new author every month turned out much easier to do than I thought but I always like to expand my reading. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I suppose when you put it that way it doesn’t sound too bad 🙂 So maybe I should amend and say consistency. There were some months when I posted 8 times and others when I posted 3. So that’s definitely something I can work on. Thanks again though, your comment really put it in perspective!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! This is a great recap! I think one goal for next year should be reading classics and horror novels. To help me to read horror novels I got into a challenge so that might help. I also love read-a-thons but I think this year I participated in one, or two, so other goal would be participating in more read-a-thons since I love them so much. I think one of my big accomplishment this year was my blog and the opportunities it gave me. One of my big disappointments was me leaving booktube but hopefully I’ll get back to it!
    I don’t know why I wrote such a long comment haha but since I already wrote it I’ll just post it.
    Again, congratulations and great post! 😀


    1. Thank you very much!
      Hmm yes, I didn’t even think of horror. That’s definitely a genre that I wouldn’t normally reach for. You’re giving me 2016 goal ideas! But I think challenges do help, in moderation of course. Too much and I start to feel confined.
      I love read-a-thons too! I’ll see if I can get my friend to do them with me so I have someone there to push me through. Good luck on your goals!!
      I’m always so thankful for the opportunities my blog gives me. It really makes me want to never give up! I hope it’s the same for you.
      I’m obsessed with BookTube. I’m watching constantly, so I’d love to see you back on there. Of course, when you’re ready.
      Thanks again and don’t worry, I loooove long comments. They’re the best 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I totally agree with the confined feel, that’s why my goal is to read between 6 and 10 horror books in the year, I think I can do that without feeling lot of pressure.Good luck with read-a-thons too! And thank you! 😀


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