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August Wrap-Up!

Hi everyone!

The last month of winter is over and spring is upon us (well…me). It’s that time again, time to talk about all the things that happened in August, my birth month!


This month I managed to get through 8 books, which I am very happy with. I’m remaining steadily in front of my reading goal for 2015. These are the books:

1. Oedipus Rex by Sophocles


This was required reading but I ended up really enjoying it. The climax packs a powerful punch even though you can clearly see it coming which was very surprising. A first experience with Greek literature was a pleasant introduction to the time. 3.75 Stars.

2. Killer by Sara Shepard


I continued my series marathon with the sixth instalment in the highly addictive Pretty Little Liars series. This was a large improvement from the fifth novel and continued the second arc very well including an amazing finish. I did a series review which you can check out here: Pretty Little Liars series review. 4.25 Stars

3. Heartless by Sara Shepard


Another solid addition to the series, I really enjoyed the intensity and deadliness that was really picked up in this book. Again, check out the series review if you want to know full thoughts. 4.25 Stars

4. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


This was a bit of a let down to be honest. I just found it a little disinteresting and the strange thing is I would consider myself quite the romantic so it’s not even the fact that I found the romance unbelievable (okay, so maybe a little) but the story never grabbed me. Required reading, the struggle am I right? 2.5 Stars

5. Revved by Samantha Towle


After Romeo and Juliet, I was feeling a little bit slumpy so I picked up a quick romance. I ended up really enjoying this book. Just your typical bad boy, sexual innuendo filled new adult romance with half-decent writing. Definitely a contrast to Shakespeare though 😉 3 Stars

6. Wanted by Sara Shepard


This was my favourite in the series. The mystery was solved nicely but had that hint of extra possibility for more that you can’t help but love. I felt like Sara Shepard really stepped up her game to write this one. Definitely give this series a go if you haven’t tried it, it may surprise you. 4.75 Stars

7. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


I absolutely adored this book! I couldn’t believe how attached I got to the characters and the story. The romance was addictive and so unbelievably swoony but in that olden days feel. The mystery was there but not dictating the story. Please try this one, probably my favourite of the month! Really an emotional rollercoaster. 4.5 Stars

8. Before You Go by Clare James

Sexy young couple passionately kissing in bedroom.

This was absolutely terrible, I literally can’t explain it. Just forgettable, terribly written, a storyline to make you gag. That’s all I can say on the matter. Seriously. So close to DNF’ing this. <1 Stars

So those are the eight books I read in August. What did you read this month? Do you have any thoughts on the books I read? Let me know!

In other news, it was my birthday this month so I’ll be ordering some books online probably to arrive some time in September which I’m really excited about! I also picked up some books myself so there will most likely be a book haul coming. It’s so hard to choose the books you want without blowing your budget. *sigh*

Other things:

There wasn’t a whole lot that really happened this month. Umm Taylor Swift released her Wildest Dreams music video which was amazing, Kanye West is apparently running for president, Queen of Shadows came out (not that I’ve even read the series but it was pretty big bookish news).

Tell me in the comments if there was anything notable that occurred in August, I’m really struggling to find things!

Anyway, that was another wrap-up for another month. A book review for Jane Eyre will be coming up in the near future. How was your August?

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!


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Twitter: @liamslibrary83


9 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up!

  1. Great wrap up, I loved it! I’ll have to give the Pretty Little Liars books a go, seeing as you love it so much!
    When I heard that Kanye West was running for President my jaw dropped. I hope and pray for the future of our world that he does not get elected. Do not mix politics with entertainment!


    1. Thank you!
      Give it a go only if you’re feeling up to it, we wouldn’t want you having full on anxiety from a book no matter how good!
      My jaw dropped too (and I think there was a little eye roll in there), the sad thing is people will vote for him.
      Amen to that!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I LOVE Jane Eyre too! It’s just a beautiful and compelling classic. So glad it this month. Romeo and Juliet isn’t my favorite Shakespeare either. For me, it’s not nearly as compelling as the other tragedies like Hamlet or Macbeth. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Definitely! In Othello, I’m finding the characters to be a lot more likeable, even if you hate them! Also the story keeps you guessing more which I’m enjoying. I’ve never read Hamlet but I really want to!

        Liked by 1 person

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