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July Wrap-Up!

Hi everyone!

So it’s the end of another month and it’s time to wrap things up. July was full of surprises for me that left little time to myself. The reading I got done was usually from 9:30-10:30 at night and I was usually half delirious towards the end. However that did manage to scrape me through with 6 books in total this month. I’m very happy with this considering. Let me take you through those books. (Oh, and prepare yourself for a lot of Pretty Little Liars. I’m sorry)

1. Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott


This was a super fun and addicting read. It was very fast paced and held lots of action and suspense but really was the whole package. I loved the characters and the plot and I can’t wait to continue on with the series. I definitely recommend you check this one out!

I gave this: 5 Stars

Check out my review here

2. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard


And so it began. A friend and I decided to do a buddy read of this series because we are both big fans and it had been a while since we last read them. I won’t go through individual thoughts and ratings for these because I’m planning a series review once I’ve finished the eight books but I’ll give a quick synopsis if you haven’t heard about these books (or TV show).

Three years ago, Alison disappeared after a slumber party, not to be seen since. Her friends at the elite Pennsylvania school mourned her, but they also breathed secret sighs of relief. Each of them guarded a secret that only Alison had known. Now they have other dirty little secrets, secrets that could sink them in their gossip-hungry world. When each of them begins receiving anonymous emails and text messages, panic sets in. Are they being betrayed by someone in their circle? Or, is Alison back?

They are just so addicting and light but obviously with substantial seriousness. Look out for a review coming soon!

3. Flawless by Sara Shepard


4. Perfect by Sara Shepard


5. Unbelievable by Sara Shepard


6. Wicked by Sara Shepard


I’m really sorry, this is such a boring wrap-up, the Pretty Little Liars series goes on forever! Luckily, there are only three books to go. 

Other things that happened this month-

There wasn’t really much (that I can remember) that occurred this month. Well, of interest to me at least. However there are a few things of note.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee was released this month. Now whilst I may not have huge interest in reading this, it’s a pretty significant release in the book community.

– It was Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthdays this month!

– The Mockingjay Part 2 trailer was released and it looks awesome. Can’t wait for all the action and drama!

– Serena Williams won her 21st major title when she won Wimbledon. Still at the top of her game at 33 years of age. This was especially exciting for me!

– We got some clear and wondrous pictures from NASA of Pluto. 

Really very spectacular!

And that’s all I could think of, but I get the feeling I’m missing something. If there’s anything else of note that happened in July tell me in the comments. Of course there was the Greek financial situation but that better be left untouched on my little blog here.

Let me know what you read this month in the comments below or tell me what you thought of the books I read. How was your July?

Thank you so much for reading and, as always, I’ll talk to you in my next post!



10 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up!

  1. Hi there! You are the first blogger that I have seen who has read Pretty Little Liars. Love it! While I have not read the books, I am a huge fan when it comes to the show! I cannot get enough! Sadly, I don’t have cable, so I have to watch the episodes a day later than everyone else (Hulu), but it’s worth it! 🙂


    1. Hi!
      Yes there aren’t too many people who have. Or if they have, they tend not to like them very much. Personally, I like the books better than the TV show but I love the show too. And me too, I have to watch the episodes a day later than everyone else. Are you caught up on season six? If you are, who do you think A is? I’d definitely recommend reading the books though!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Haven’t read any of Sara Shepard’s yet but it looks good considering you’ve read the series shows it’s a worthwhile read 😀 I have watch an episode or two however.


    1. Yes, I think they are very worthwhile just to check it out for yourself because some people don’t like the series. I’d recommend both the books and the TV show though, each has its own pros and cons. Thanks for reading!


  3. Great wrap up! I tried reading the Pretty Little Liars series a few years back and to be honest, for some reason it freaked me out and gave me crazy anxiety! It was a weird experience!
    But I’m glad you liked Fire and Flood which is a book currently on my TBR. 😄


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