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April Wrap-Up!

Hi everyone!

Where is this year going? Seriously it’s like I blinked and Christmas turned into mid-year exams. Despite having another quite busy month I managed to complete more books in a month than I have in any other month this year which I am super happy about. Due to the large amounts of books I read this month I won’t be putting short thoughts underneath the books I read but I’ll still link all my reviews for the books I posted, so click on the book image to be taken to the review for each. (Some book don’t have reviews done for them).

So here are the books of April:












My favourite books of this month were probably either Red Queen or Hate List and you should definitely check out both.

While reading 11 books, I am still a bit disappointed with the amount of posts I put up this month. Hopefully this can change in May! Anyway, here are the other posts from this month. 😦 Only two…

Book Haul!

The Reader Problems Tag!

So let me know what you read this month, any thoughts you had on the books I read or just general April-ly thoughts! Thank you so much for reading.



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12 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up!

  1. OMG YOU READ CALLIE & KAYDEN. That book just teared my heart open at 1AM. And I was probably crying like no tomorrow. I didn’t quite enjoy Red Queen as much as you did but I’m still going to check out the sequel because THE STORY STILL SOUNDS FREAKING AWESOME.

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    1. Callie and Kayden was really good, I must pick up the next book in May because that cliffhanger broke me.. And yes, I’m so excited for the sequel to come out, I just have a feeling it will be even better!!


    1. I think it was mainly because of my recent little obsession with NA, I was kind of addicted. And excuse me, but last month I only read 4 books so my nonsense is justified hahaha 😉 But yeah, this year has been a huge reading step up for me. Cheers to improvement!


      1. I hear ya. I recently read an NA and it actually got me out of a 2-month reading slump. I think it was because of how fast the read was because it wasn’t something that I needed to think much about. No world building or anything–it was just drama llama everywhere and bantering haha. (Not to short sell those as bad…but it was definitely different.)


      2. Was it The Deal by Elle Kennedy (I think)? I have been wanting to read that so much! They are super fun to read and aren’t so serious and consuming. I just fly through them!


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