Writing Struggles

Hi everyone!

Ever since I started reading I have wanted to write. It was most likely the Harry Potter series but I can’t exactly pinpoint when it was that these thoughts popped into my head. But the thought of creating a story and world that millions upon millions of people will love inspired and excited me. Because literature is such a huge part of my life I dreamt about the possibility of having people who loved a book that I wrote and having fans supporting my writing endeavours.

But the truth is, it’s incredibly hard. I have tried to write a novel so many times but I have never finished a full story. I know, it’s sad. But I can never stick with the one story for long. I have finished short stories and small novels etc but never a full book. This frustrates me to no end. The self-doubt creeps in only a few days into writing. ‘Is this really a good idea?’ or ‘no one will ever really notice or like this book.’ And before I know it, I don’t write one day. And not the next day either. And too soon I’ve forgotten the story altogether. Of course I’m saddened by the fact that it’s been left behind and I feel useless when I realise that I might never get a novel written.

However I also feel like even if I did finish the book I wouldn’t have the confidence to put myself out there and have someone read my story. I don’t want to go on about it too much but I feel as though my anxiety would never allow me to take the risk. To send something out that I love and worked so hard on to someone who may not even take the time of day to bother to read it or even worse, completely hate is disheartening. It’s almost enough to make me not even try.

But I will try. I recently came to the conclusion that I may not be the best writer or the most confident person but this is something I want to do. And because I want to do this so much I’ll persist. I’m still quite young and I have to be patient. I need to improve my writing skills and develop my literary knowledge over a period of time, I don’t need to write a masterpiece right now. Hell, J.K Rowling was just taking the train on a regular day when she had the idea for Harry Potter. Who knows when an idea will strike! I’m waiting for it to hit me. That life-changing idea.The last story I started writing got a couple of thousand words in before I put it down again even though I was so excited about it when I began.  And despite me being in a stage of writer’s block right now I’m going to try harder than ever to make my dream come true.

I don’t particularly know why I’m writing this. Maybe there’s someone out there who can relate or who has had similar feelings(?) or perhaps even I can inspire someone to pick up that pen and paper or turn on their computers. But I do know that even though I feel as though I’ll never get it right I have a new resolve to do something about it. I also think I might start writing a journal/diary/idea book to help me sort out any possible story leads. I’ve heard this has helped so many people and I think it would really figure out my jumbled mind!


Do you have any advice for a person with writer’s block or lack of confidence? It would be greatly appreciated! Sorry this post isn’t very articulate!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!



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8 thoughts on “Writing Struggles

  1. I know these feels. I’ve been writing blindly without a treatment hoping stuff sticks together and so far it hasn’t–mainly because I don’t imagine my conflict being a solid glue for everything else to be held together buuuut that’s another story. I’m not sure what true writers or authors would say as I am anything but–but yeah just keep writing. A story that has to be told will be told. Not sure what else I can say Liam, except that you’re not alone in this [struggle].



  2. When I was younger I used to start and stop different stories all the time- now I have so many unfinished stories saved on my computer, it’s crazy! Finally when I was in middle school I came up with an idea that I’ve stuck with since then. I’ve changed it a lot since I first came up with it, but I was able to actually finish a complete draft of it a few years ago. I am by no means an amazing writer who you should be taking advice from, but if you do want advice I guess mine would be to find that one story idea that you can’t go one day without thinking about. When I was writing my draft I constantly wanted to be writing, and that motivation really helped me get through the entire draft. I don’t know if that helps at all, but don’t worry- you’re not alone! 🙂


    1. Thank you, this helps so much! Any advice is good advice 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to wait for that one idea that sparks my creative side. It’s so great that you were able to find all the motivation, your story must be fantastic!

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  3. I feel you–and also, there’s no rush to write, just write when it comes, stop when it doesn’t (temporarily of course!). If you’re not feeling very confident about your writing (believe me, as writer who has published nothing but things on her blog, I understand, like everyone else!) then maybe just chuck some things out there to build that confidence, since there will be people who like your work–never be afraid of critique and rejection, it’ll help you :). Good luck!

    Also, although I don’t particularly suggest it if you want to write solo, but doing a little online role-playing with other advanced writers can help with writing, confidence, and sometimes maybe, the writer’s block.


  4. Welcome to the club; Joey, Levi and I have jackets!

    Srsly though, I feel you, Liam. Writing is really hard work. I’ve started my current WIP (third attempt) last month and it’s gotten nowhere near decent. It’s frustrating, especially the part where I’d sit down for hours trying to squeeze my brain and nothing comes out. I don’t know the trick and, like Joey, all I can say is keep working on it.

    Here are two pieces of advice from two published authors I find really motivating:

    “When it’s the hardest to keep writing, keep writing.” – Alex London.

    “Read a lot of advice and try everything. And don’t decide that something has to work particular way . . . The only right way to write a book is the way that allows you to write a book, ’cause it’s really hard and if you can get through it, like, that’s a good thing.” – Veronica Roth.


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