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January Wrap-Up

Hi everyone!

January has flown by so fast. I did go away and was in a bit of a Christmas hangover but wow, this month was over in the blink of an eye. It’s time to talk about the books I read over the 31 days. In total I fully read 11 books and started 2 others. I’m very happy with this result as because school has started back up I probably won’t have time to read as much in February and I wanted a head start on my 70 book year-long goal. I’m positive I can reach it! Anyway, here are the books I read and some short thoughts I had on each one.

1. Champion by Marie Lu – (Finished January 3rd)


I read Legend and Prodigy in the month of December and immediately had to pick this one up. All together, this one was probably my least favourite of the trilogy. Whilst it still had the same intensity and fast pace, some actions scenes felt cut short which was so unlike the other books. The ending did resolve the book but the author left open a large plot hole that annoyed me. Also, the writing felt a little unclear at times. Overall, I did enjoy this instalment in the series and gave it 4.25 Stars.

2. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – (Finished January 5th)


This book blew me away! Cinder was a four star book for me but I’d heard the series got better as it went along and I’m so happy I decided to pick this one up, somewhat in a spur of the moment decision. The characters were so great, the action was intense and the plot kept me guessing. I loved the romance and the interwoven plot between the various storylines. I was very happy with the development in this story. I gave it 5 Stars.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – (Finished January 8th)


I’ve been wanting to re-read this book for a while, ever since I got the DVD a while ago. I just love this book so much, it really speaks on a much more personal level and a lot of people could probably relate to something in this novel. The only thing keeping it from the best books ever list is the way Charlie writes his story. Sometimes it really grates on the reader. Oftentimes it just consists of ‘and then this happened, I cried, and then another thing happened.’ It gets very annoying after a while. Also, at times it’s like the author was trying to fit in as many issues as he possibly could. Which can be good if done well but this book had too much. Bullying, homophobia, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental health problems, it all gets a bit much. My rating is unchanged, 3.75/4 Stars.

4. Impulse by Ellen Hopkins – (Finished January 11th)


Heartbreaking and poignant. Hopkins manages to draw you in to her writing and the story without you even realising it. The characters were complex but the story strangely timed in places and the romantic relationship sort of came out of nowhere. But overall a very emotional book about the power of companionship in a potentially suicidal person. This story speaks volumes and absolutely anyone should read this book, it talks about a very important issue very well. 3.75 Stars.

5. The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton – (Finished January 11th)


This book was absolutely terrible. Shallow and boring characters, a predictable, stupid plotline and just no intrigue or development at all. Do yourself a favour and steer clear. 1 Star.

6. Ransom by Rachel Schurig – (Finished January 13th)


This book was an okay, light-hearted contemporary romance. I really enjoyed reading from the perspective of a girl with severe anxiety which I can relate to but the story was going round in circles and the potential for the plot was not fully achieved. However the romance was very sweet (if not a bit cliché). 2.5 Stars.

7. Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher – (Finished January 14th)


I was dying to read a Colleen Hoover book, so as a first experience this one was a very good start. It’s quite hard to write a memory loss book well because the characters personalities are often lacking as they don’t know who they are. However, Hoover and Fisher managed this novel quite well. The romance was very sweet and the way the characters adjusted to their new lives was very realistic and not cliché. BUT THAT ENDING, WHERE’S THE REST!! Overall a very well done novel. Set up perfectly for the next instalment. I can’t wait to read something else by these authors. 4 Stars.

8. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner – (Finished January 17th)


This book was pretty good, the characters had very good development which I loved, and the concept was very intriguing. However, the romance annoyed me, the plot moved too slowly and the ending got very unbelievable which is not something I say often, I usually love crazy ideas! It did keep me interested and the ending was satisfying. Overall an ok book. 3.25 Stars.

9. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – (Finished January 20th)


This novel was stuck in my head days after I finished it. Whilst you don’t really get to know the characters in depth (I think this almost added to the mystery), the writing was very eloquent and some of those metaphors were brilliant. But you can’t review this book without talking about the plot. Wow! It kept me guessing and at the big reveal I was pleasantly shocked. I had to go back through the book and look for things I might have not noticed. I loved this one although re-reading it probably won’t happen. 4 Stars.

10. I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson – (Finished 24th January)


Perfection in a book. You must read this one!

Review here:

11. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – (Finished January 31st)


This was another re-read for me this month. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to pick this one up, I just really wanted to relive the awesomeness of this trilogy. This one is my least favourite of the three but the series has some of the most beautiful writing you’ll ever encounter. If you don’t like this one stick with the trilogy because it does get better. 4 Stars.

So hose are all the books I read in January. Let me know what you read this month or any of your thoughts on the above books. My book of the month would have to be I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. (I even got a tweet from her which was soo exciting!!)

As always I’ll see you in my next post, thank you so much for reading!


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7 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. At this point, every single female blogger (okay no, that might be a stretch–“most” is perhaps more accurate) has encouraged me to give CoHo a try (or just NA as a genre in particular), and I’m glad Never Never came out (though I’ve yet to read it) as its definitely the dark and twisted type of read (or so I’ve heard of Fisher at least) that interested me and so the NA aspect became an afterthought-ish.

    (I apologize for the excessive use of brackets.)


  2. Never Never was a great read, you should definitely give it a go! If you like an air if suspense during a novel you would enjoy this one. However, the book isn’t a NA novel. I myself have only just started guiding my way through the NA genre so I’m not really in a position to give advice or recommendations, it’d probably be best to try out some popular ones. (No problem with the brackets 🙂


  3. In trying to read 100 books this year so I can take any suggestion I get. I know you didn’t give Ransom a great review but I have anxiety as well so I’d like to give it a try. I read we were liars and at first I hated it but loved it by the end of the book!!


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